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Art Director and Graphic Designer


Award-Winning Designs | Effective Marketing Campaigns | Passionate Team Leader 

A triple-threat achiever who balances artistic passion, operational analysis and creative team mentorship. Jasen employs consumer psychology in developing marketing strategy and design tactics with focus on final outcomes.


Expertise in:

Brand Strategy | Effective Graphic Design | Team Leadership & Training

Project Management | Budget Management

What Others Have Said

"Jasen's art direction is clear and elegant. He provides communication and creative thinking far beyond others."
—Jake Sexton, Graphic Designer

"Few people can manage switching between the artistic and the technical that aptly. He will bring energy and vision to any creative endeavor."
—Justin Schmid, Writer/Editor


Featured Projects

The entire design solution must have purpose. When all the individual elements are deliberate, they effectively convey the message, the feeling and the very soul.